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Intervention Services Ltd recognises the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and it is an essential part of our company's morals. ISL increasingly see that responsible business is not only good for society but can deliver bottom-line business benefits in terms of employment of youth, apprenticeship schemes, managing risk in supply chains, driving innovation and productivity and opening up new markets. We are ‘a local income multiplier’ in the local community. ISL align ourselves to the wellbeing of future generations (Wales) act 2015.


The health and well-being of our employees are very important to us and we aim to provide high quality welfare facilities and comfortable work conditions for all. Health and safety is a major aspect within the construction industry so we continuously invest and provide the best practices and solutions to ensure the safety of our employees. Our health and safety record is proof of this and we aim to maintain our excellent record. ISL also see the health and safety of our clients and local residents as critically important and we aim to provide safe working practices for all, whether they are able or vulnerable. We see positive relationships between ourselves and others as the key for the business to be successful.


Intervention Services are committed to reducing the effects of our works on the environment. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint in every way we can, whether it's by the means of recycling and the re-use of materials or the further investment in lower-emission vehicles and plant. We encourage all our employees to understand the impacts they have on the environment and to take the necessary actions to limit or prevent them.

Intervention Services continue to employ and develop a local labour force who understand and share our values as a company. We as a company also see the importance in helping the younger generation gain access into the construction industry. We continue to provide opportunities for younger people to work with us and encourage them to develop their skills through training opportunities. ISL encourage our more experienced employees to provide support and guidance.

ISL are committed to helping our local communities here in South Wales. We are involved with several social housing associations where we provide support to local community projects. Intervention Services are committed to supporting local sport teams through sponsorship while we also participate in fundraising for multiple charities.


CSR Statement 2022

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NEBO (Sheltered Housing)
NEBO (Sheltered Housing)
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